Tips for Landing Your First Job After College

So, you’ve spent the majority of your life in education, and now it’s time to branch out into the big wide world of work. You may have had a part-time job in college, maybe working weekends or evenings, but now it’s time to start the 9-5 grind. However, the first step is secure a job in the first place. To give you the best start possible, here are some tips to ensure you secure the role that’s right for you.

Check Out Your Local Careers Centre

Whether you’re still in college or you’ve already left, there is a tonne of career-based centres that can help you to find your first job. If you go for the first time, you’ll have the opportunity to speak to a career advisor who will talk you through what qualifications and experience you have to help you find a job that’s suitable for you.

This is also a great way to find what jobs are currently available, especially if you’re not really sure what career path you want to take.

Networking Is Your Best Friend

During your time in college, you will have met a lot of people, either as friends, professionals or even people in your desired industry. Networking with these people is such an important aspect to consider if you want to find the job of your dreams.

During your course, you may have been involved in some kind of work experience program. If you excelled in this position, the chances are that the company will be willing to take you on full time, all you have to do is ask.

Ensure Your Resume is Precise

It’s highly advised that you create an individual resume for each job you apply for. You can easily achieve this by simply editing your existing resume, but you’ll need to tailor each resume you send for the vacancy that you’re applying for.

For example, working in a law firm as a receptionist and working in a café waiting tables are both very different jobs but the way you word your experience, skills and achievements mean you could very easily apply for both.

Find a Job You Would Enjoy

It may very easy to simply go out and apply for the first job you see. However, you’re much more likely to find a job and stick with it, if you find something you enjoy. Carry out research into potential jobs that you’ll think you’ll enjoy, research the company and give it your best shot. Even during the interview process, your enthusiasm and passion for the role will naturally show if it’s somewhere you’re excited to work.

Dedicate but Maintain Balance

For those that are more determined, it may be easier to get drawn into continuously research companies, stressing over our resumes to ensure that they’re perfect and spending all our time trying to find that perfect job. However, for our mental health, sanity and productivity, it’s vital that you get outside, enjoy the fresh air, spend time with your friends and family and, overall, enjoy your life.