5 Things You Should Learn to Do Before Leaving University

Not more learning?! Yes, although you’ve got to university and spent the vast majority of your time learning new and exciting things, there’s always the ever-impending risk of hindsight. One of the most traditional things that students will say during later life is ‘Oh, I wish I had done that while I had had the chance!’ But never fret, here is a list of five essential things you should learn before leaving university once and for all, ensuring you maximise your opportunities and make the most of every minute.

Learn How to Blog

Blogs are huge. There’s millions of them and most businesses will have one. No matter what subject you’re learning at university and no matter what career path you’re planning to take, learning to blog and educating yourself in how blogs work will be a game-changer when it comes to adult life, especially in this digital age in which we live.

What’s more, some professional bloggers earn more than $1m a year through advertising alone on their blog. That’s big money that shouldn’t be sniffed at.

Learn a Hobby

Once you’ve left university, you’ll soon find you have very little time to yourself. ‘But I already have very little time to myself!’ I hear you say. That’s true, especially with every present deadlines and coursework to complete, however, it’s vital that you learn how to set aside time to pursue a hobby you enjoy.

Whether you love writing, photography, drawing, cross-stitching, running or anything you think you may love, dedicating time aside to doing something you love will keep you happy (and sane!) now and in adult life.

Learn About Your Opportunities

Just because you’re getting a degree, let’s say the law, it doesn’t mean you necessarily have to pursue a law career. For most businesses, degrees are interchangeable and the fact that you’ve proven how you can successfully dedicate your time to learning and completing a degree is good enough for a business to hire you.

Taking law as an example, you don’t have to become a lawyer, you could become a business consultant or an advisor. Take the time to learn which opportunities will be available to you in the future.

Learn to Network

The people you are surrounded by now will be the leaders, the CEO’s, the masterminds and the intellects behind some of the biggest businesses and enterprises in the world someday in the future. Yeah, that’s hard to believe, right?

Networking is such an important part of life and it’s important that you master this professional skill because you never know who you might meet and how it might pay off in the future, both professionally and socially.

Learn to Master the Skill of Writing

You may be sick and tired of writing assignments, essays and other documents throughout your university life but writing is a skill that will never leave you. No matter what your career ends up being, you’ll be writing emails, invoices, copy, content, prescriptions, reports, letters, sales presentations, speeches and so much more, the list is endless. Master writing now and you’ll never have to worry about putting pen to paper in the future.